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Golden Horses Development Sdn Bhd Preference Shares

Investment on Palace Residential Suites, a modern living masterpiece.

Adjacent to the distinguished Palace of the Golden Horses Hotel, the Palace Residence Suites embodies the same opulence and refinement, introducing an elevated standard of luxury living. This project comprises of a development of 333 units  premium serviced residences, and promises a lifestyle beyond compare.

Exclusive Investment Opportunity

The purpose of the funding for Palace Residence Suites is twofold, playing a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless and successful completion of the entire project. Beyond the immediate construction requirements, the funding also serves a strategic purpose in positioning Palace Residence Suites as an irresistible prospect in the real estate investment landscape. The injection of capital not only contributes to the physical development of the property but also enhances its market appeal, making it a premier choice for those seeking both a luxurious living space and a sound real estate investment.

Investment Criteria

  • Product Type

    Private Fund

  • Investment Tenure

    5 years

  • Min. Initial / Subsequent Investment

    USD125,000 (or its equivalent in other accepted currencies)

  • Sales Charges

    1% of the total investment sum

  • Early Redemption Charges

    10% on gross redemption proceeds

Exclusive Benefits

  • Capital Protection

    Total investment sum secured against the bank's physical assets

  • Attractive Returns

    A minimum income of 6.0% - 7.5% per annum will be distributed annually, in the form of cash and/or utility token

  • Utility Tokens

    Investors can opt to exchange the utility tokens into products and services offered by the bank

  • Premium Membership Benefits

    Access to other premium membership facilities and utilities by the bank

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