Malaysia Premium Visa Program (PVIP)

The new Malaysia Premium Visa Program (PVIP), launched by the Ministry of Home Affairs of Malaysia, is a long term residence visa that enables investors, entrepreneurs and foreign talents to live or study in Malaysia for up to 20 years. This Premium Visa Program will be approved in the form of the Multiple Entry Visa (MEV).  

At L1 Bank, we strive to assist foreign elites to enjoy seamless application procedures, and at the same time provide a range of top-quality investment options.   

Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H)

A Prospect to the City of Hope. 

MM2H is a program launched by the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia to encourage foreign elites and retirees to travel and stays in Malaysia. 

Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew, co-founder of Malaysia’s second home, hopes to attract foreign elites and investors to settle in Malaysia by providing fast, simple, low-threshold procedures and preferential treatment to promote Malaysia’s economic development. 

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